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Comment Writing Tips

Comment And Report Writing Tips

Tips for Better Complaint Report and Comment Writing

For anyone needing to improve their complaint report writing skills, this article is vital reading material. The information in this article should help you write effective complaints when you have had a bad time

Effective Report Writing

Never let the task of writing get the best of you. You can always take a break and come back later. For some writers, a short rest with the eyes closed is helpful. For other writers at home, a short nap works wonders to clear the mind.

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Research and Fact Verification

Start by writing things you know on paper. Number each point according to priority. Review the evidence for each item and find corroborating evidence for each fact. You should refer to these vetted fact notes often while writing.

Choosing a Title – An Important SEO Step

The title for any report should be entitled with the subject of the report. The title is used to construct the online URL for your report. The URL address is your first chance to influence properly the keywords a search engine attribute to your writing.

Include in the title the name of the company or person you are complaining or praising about

Constructing the Report Body

Write the body of the report in a flowing chronological manner. Never add fluff or overstate facts for which you have evidence. That reduces the validity of your research. Mention facts and evidence on hand. E-mails, if relevant, are allowable sources of information. E-mail correspondence is as viable a form of communication as any other type. Never write anything untrue or for which you have no valid research. To do so will invalidate the hard work you have done for factual evidence. Write all reports in a positive manner. You want everyone to find the report incontrovertible, even someone not reported in the best light.

Steps Following Publication

Notify the company you have filed a report against them online. Tell them an agreement to resolve the dispute will result in the complaint being marked as mutually resolved. Advise them rebuttal is possible. How they write and what they state in a rebuttal is up to them. If the company refuses to cooperate, report them to the Better Business Bureau or trading standards

Steps After Success

If your actions result in agreement make sure you amend your report in a fair manner by indication the situation was resolved. Editors of websites publishing your complaint will mark it in their normal fashion.


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