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Beware of ripoff online company Laptoptown

By Brenda Norrell Censored News
Beware of the online ripoff sales from
Three weeks after purchasing a power cord from this company online, the wires frayed and the cord produced a dangerous spark.
Here is the fraudulent scheme used by this company,, to prevent the return of this power cord for reimbursement:
–First, the company asked for photos (in order to delay return of the item)
–Then the company said they would send a replacement
–Then the company said the item was out of stock
–Then the company refused to provide the mailing address to return the item, refusing to respond with the address for another 10 days. The mailing address is not on the website.
These intentional delays made return of the item impossible in the required 30 days.
These intentional delays made it impossible to file a dispute in the required 45 days with PayPal. is a fraudulent operation, which sends out dangerous, defective merchandise and then intentionally prevents the return of the item for reimbursement.
It is a horrible experience dealing with this company,, beware and avoid this company.
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4 Responses to Scammers

  1. Avatar B Vaillancourt
    B Vaillancourt says:

    Under NO circumstances should anyone buy from Laptoptown or their parent company Gadgettown. I purchased a laptop keyboard for our son, although it did arrive a key was broken off. After multiple e-mails and attempts to contact them through their ’24/7 help’ line I contacted and filed a dispute with PayPal. I sent and e-mail to Laptoptown advising them of this and still no response. I then filed a claim through PayPal and again sent Laptoptown an e-mail advising I had upgraded to a claim. After 2 days I suddenly received an e-mail stating they would assist me with the problem and I could go ahead and close my claim. I advised that since multiple times trying to contact them went unanswered I would wait until the problem was resolved before I cancelled anything with PayPal. I immediately contacted PayPal about this and was advised that leaving it as a claim was fine with them. After a few days PayPal contacted me to return the keyboard and they would refund my money. I returned the keyboard through USPS with a signature card & tracking online.

    Was also advised by PayPal that if the item was refused or undeliverable they stated I would still receive my money. We will have to wait and see but I am placing my money on PayPal. However, if that falls through, I will contact my credit card company advise them of this nightmare and let them fight my battle. I have all my unanswered e-mails from laptoptown and the assistance I received from PayPal.

    In addition to all of this, I sent PayPal links to all the sites that have written complaints about Laptoptown & Gadgettown and asked if there is a process for buyers to advise PayPal of less than honest sellers using their services. Still waiting to hear back on that but my advise to all is to avoid both Laptoptown & Gadgettown like the plague.

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  2. Avatar admin
    admin says:

    Thank for the update Guys

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  3. Avatar Mia
    Mia says:

    Thank you so much for the post, it was interesting reading.

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  4. Avatar Dee Welch
    Dee Welch says:

    My experience was very similar ti B Vaillancourt’s. NEVER buy from this company. They are in a foreign country and will not make good on their promises. They sold me a product, sent the wrong one, we went a month of the same futile exercises B Vaillancourt’s did. They told me to send the product back and they would refund my money. I returned it then tried to tell me I ordered the wrong one so they wouldn’t refund me. I sent them a copy repeatedly of my order proving it was their fault not mine, to no avail.

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